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Check Out My Galleries Below…

Check Out My Galleries Below

Landscape Photography

Landscapes….. While the motion of the ocean is not always the most consistent, it can be extremely hard to tell the whole story from one captured moment. The images featured include feelings that the artist had and experienced, these images are also supposed to challenge the sensory of the viewer. The exposures are intended to deliver the closest thing next to what the human eye can see. F/64 and lots of math go into these exposures deliberately, to enrich and push the cameras to deliver the best results when needed.

Lifestyle Gallery

When shooting Lifestyle Portraiture, there is a shared connection between the subject and I, while we both get lost in time. Free will, a positive attitude, and listening to natural instinct is an effective way to provoke a story, and create genuine images. When shooting lifestyle images I always have a plan, and prepare for any number of things that can go wrong, that way I am always prepared to meet any and all challenges head on as the photographer.

Singles Gallery

A single is an image that finds itself traveling beyond any gallery, collection, or album. It simply dances around looking for a home, which is maybe just as well. My singles portfolio features incredibly beautiful, wonderous images, and all creative interpretations and tastes are welcomed.

Video Gallery

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Collaborations are a 2-way street. Relationships are your ticket to success.

Volunteer Work

Supporting local artists, encouraging them, and giving them praise helps us all to grow within our community. The secret to your success may just be someone else.

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